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Reimbursement for Corus CAD

Insurance Coverage for Corus CAD

CardioDx® is committed to providing access to Corus®CAD for all patients, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay for the test. Corus CAD is covered by Medicare and CardioDx is actively pursuing additional third-party payer reimbursement. The Corus Access and Reimbursement (CARE) Patient Assistance Program was developed to provide assistance with out-of-pocket costs for eligible patients whose insurance does not yet cover Corus CAD or who are uninsured.

Patient Support

CardioDx has a dedicated team of insurance experts who work with patients, clinicians and payers to obtain reimbursement through billing and appeals. For insured patients, CardioDx will bill the insurance plan and work directly with them for payment. For patients who are uninsured, or whose insurance does not yet cover the Corus CAD test the CARE Patient Assistance Program may assist patients in paying their out of pocket costs.

All patients are encouraged to apply for the CARE Patient Assistance Program. To review eligibility criteria for the program, download a sample application here.

If you have any questions about insurance coverage, billing, or financial assistance for Corus CAD, please contact the CardioDx reimbursement team at 866.941.4996 and select Option 1 or email us at